My life in Australia

My daily thoughts about my life here in Australia. My daily to do list and other things I deal with in my life.

31 August 2005

Its Wednesday

Its been a tough few days.I have not felt good and trying to figure out why. The change in weather has not helped. The hormones are going goofy. The body is changing and I think I am ready for this.I cry at the dumbest times and its kinda weird. Been working on projects to keep busy.Finishing things before I try and start too much more. I miss the girls and they are starting college. I have been able to talk to the girls on a regular basis and its great. I called Alisha and Jeremy to wish him a "Happy Birthday" and got to tell him congrats on his EMT license.

Phils has been having a rough time at work. Peters been cranky so Phil has been taking it out on me.I know its been hard for him because he was to be working on the stores but thats all changed. He does care but it was frustrating that he was doing a job that he likes.

The Crows----what do ya say. They beat West Coast to end a 20 game winning streak at home. Roo got reported. He only got a week which was good. Will miss the St. Kilda match.

17 August 2005


Its been a shitty few days. Not even going to start.Its not worth it or the waste of good writing space. Been getting through a few craft projects slow but getting done. Off ot the Ronald Mcdonald house tomorrow for another chat with Jane. Off to practice on Friday and lunch with Jules. Crows game on Saturday and Centrals on Sunday.

11 August 2005

Cold Thursday

I am really tired of this cold snap.I know its winter but its tiring to have to spend all day just getting warm. I know that come summer will wish for the cooler weather.

Got a little done towards quilting today. Got some blocks together for Shirley. Phil decided on the rows left for Kendria's quilt.Will try to finish that this weekend.I need to not start any more tops and finish some of the ones I already have. I really want to get some things done and out so I can work on new things.I am not starting anything new expect for the Craft Hub at church. Those projects are on going and I am able to take them with me as I travel.

The next ashes starts tonight. Brett Lee got out of the hospital and is cleared to play. What a good break for us. We need him. Jason is still a little out of form. I really hope that he can pull it together soon. Shane goes for test wicket 600. He took his first wicket on the very same ground.

The v8's drive this weekend at Oran park.Stephen Richards has a car to drive.Took 2 weeks of non-stop work to rebuild his car. Hes still got a rib bothering him.

Going to watch the Crows practice in the morning. Will be cold as buggery but good to go watch.such an important match.Sold out first thing Monday morning. Want to try for the Collingwood match but I imagine it will sell out also. Its good though.

10 August 2005

Love having a busy day. Feels good to get out and about even with the cold here in Australia. Kendria was in the Ronald McDonald house in Columbus,Ohio and I called to apply to become a volunteer. Had my information meeting today. Its a beautiful house. Very happy place. Large kitchen area for cooking and all. Its the place I need to be. I know that after today. Jane runs the house and is a really neat lady.I can't wait to work with her. Going back on the 18th of August to sit down and talk more with her. See what my place in the house would be. I left feeling very excited and knowing that is the place I need to be.

Got another square made today.Once I got the pattern in my head it was simple.Got the rug back to craft hub so Janice can deliever it. I did one round of green and it turned out nice. Brought another home for one round of trip,will use what is left to knit squares.Still have a baby blanket to work on. Will finish that and then may put baby blankets on hold for awhile. Do some squares and the scarf for church.Won't take long for that.Hoping to constrate on quilting tomorrow. Want to get ready an envelope of squares for Shirley so she can keep them on hand so if another "angel alert" comes up she already has blocks on hand to use.I got material for Jennifer's blanket that can all go together.There is Kendria's quilt,the one for Jules grandson and other things that I would love to spend a day working on. think I would get heaps done.

The shuttle landed safe last night.What a releif that was.Andy will be home in Adelaide for the opening of the new airport in October.

Brett Lee is still in the hospital in Birmingham.He has to meet up with the team and pass a fitness test before he can play.They called someone else who I don't know to replace him if needed.Andy has the experience.Don't understand that.I'm just a yank who is a cricket fan.

The showdow is a swll out and will be live. Can't wait. Hoping Adelaide can get the job done.This would be win number 8 on the trot if they can pull it off.Would also be the first time that we have the chance to beat Port twice in one season. What an upset that would be.Heres also hoping Freo can beat West Coast and we can win. That would put us 1/2 a game out of first place.Its getting exciting.

09 August 2005

Early Tuesday

Calling for rain today so I am trying to get my puter work done early.Wont get much done tomorrow due to meeting at Ronald McDonald house and craft hub at church. Got most of my to do list done yesterday.Hoping for another productive day today.Phils at work early and might call him at lunch.Big week for the Crows, showdown. Never beaten Port 2 times in one season. The are really down and hope we can keep it that way. West Coast plays Fremantle and hoping they can beat them and us win. Pulls us close to the minor round flag.

Peter Jennings died over the weekend from Lung Cancer.It was a surprise. I can remember when he first started doing the news. I never knew him personally but I feel like I lost a friend.He's one of those people that you invited into your home every night for the national news.He never talked down to you,it was always so you could understand. He will be missed.

Bloody storm never really has hit. Rained some but nothing to really write home about.Never though it could hit later. I am so ready for summer. Tired of the cold and all. Need a good beach fix.

The Ashes Tour with England has become something to really keep an eye on now. Brett Lee is in the hospital with a knee infection. He and Michael Kaspra put up such a fight on Sunday night. I really thought they would make it. It was so heart breaking to see them fall 3 runs short. The next match starts at Old Traford on Thursday.